August 20, 2012

David Beckham H&M Campaign

British soccer icon David Beckham unveils a new campaign for H&M.
Where he shows his second well-received Bodywear collection.
The campaign was shot in Los Angeles by the photographer Alasdair McLellan.
The black and white images reveal a number of his undergarments wich also
shows off Beckham's physique as well as his affinity for the body art he has on his body.
The David Beckham Bodywear is an exclusive, long-term collaboration with H&M
with items that include briefs, trunks, undershirts,T-shirts, henleys and long johns.
The entire collection can be purchased at worldwide stockists as well as online. 
Continue reading to read more about his collection and to see it aswell.

OFWGKTA accesories 2012

As the Odd Future madness continues, so does the collective’s line of headwear, accessories and apparel.
The latest delivery arrives in the form of a quintet of accessory options with the group’s unique visuals and graphics. Offered in a range of colorways, each hat is now available for a limited time at the Hypebeast online store.The Odd Future Donut design has become something of a mainstay within its own regard — having been used across everything from album artwork to now apparel and accessories. An oversized plush “OF” pillow takes center stage as a solid option for your couch or bedroom. Alongside the bright-colored pillow is an assortment of other accessories are also offered that include an OF Donut Keychain, OFWGKTA Enamel Cross Pin, a Frank Ocean Air Freshener, OF Donut Blank Key, and a duo of skate decks. Ranging in retail price from $5 USD to $100 USD, the entire accessories range is now available.
The latest hats added in a range of colorways are now also available at their web/store.
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August 18, 2012

Vogue September 2012 Issue: The Vogue covers worldwide

The September issue is as many of you might know one of the most important ones of the Vogue magazine.
And now the very popular September Issue has hit the shelves!
Vogue is very iconic in the Fashion and Beauty world.
So they really had to put their best foot forward for their amazing September issues.
I have to say, I always find Vogue Magazine very chique and not only by appearance of the magazine itself.
This season is Black the new Black, as you might read in the Vogue Magazines
As coveted cover photos begin to trickle in, check out some of this year’s September issues from Vogue around the world. Wich Vogue magazine are you reading or do you like the best?

- Samiyac Cusman

August 17, 2012

Lady Gaga ‘Fame’ The Fragrance Trailer

Check out Lady Gaga in the official trailer for her upcoming perfume Fame. Directed by Steven Klein the trailer definitely seperates to other Eau the Parfum video ad’s. By choosing Steven Klein, Gaga managed to create an eye-catching campaign and to remain true to her extroverted style.
There were rumours last year about the perfume containing Gaga's blood and that it would smell like semen and blood. It was a leaked idea, because Gaga has requested  the essence of blood and semen, not the actual smell, but the fragrance batch WAS mixed with a sample of her real blood!

According to The Daily Mail, the mixture, which is black like the “soul of fame,” but quickly turns invisible when you spray it on your skin (also like fame,) contains some of Gaga’s DNA. You can literally wear her DNA on your body and in your hair!

About the add Lady Gaga expressed to Vogue:

“We thought, Let’s just make the most epic fragrance campaign of all time and let’s not care at all about whether they can even print it or show it on TV. Let’s just do everything we ever dreamed of. We basically did this purely for the pleasure of working together. We were just sort of sitting in the corner going, I can’t believe they are letting us do this!”

Fame is now available in stores worldwide.

Michael Phelps For Louis Vuitton Autumn 2012

Louis Vuitton chooses 27-year-old, multi-gold winner Michael Phelps as the face for its new print ads for Autumn 2012. In the pictures shot by Annie Leibowitz, you see a dead serious Phelps is wearing just his Speedo and goggles with a trusty LV bag by his side. And I have to say, Phelps looks good in the ads!

August 4, 2012

Vans ‘Safari’ Collection Autumn 2012

Have at look at Vans “Safari” collection, features shoes, a snapback and a backpack, all in a printed leopard pattern. The “Safari” collection is avilable at Vans stores, in its online store and also at select retailers.

Chanel Paris ‘Coco Noir’ Fragrance

Parfums Chanel is relaunching their cult scent Coco Noir which apparently was all the rage in the 80s. Consisting of oriental notes and an all black packaging I'm seduced by its the mysterious appeal. Available this August 2012.

Marni Fall/Winter 2012 Men’s Accessories – Tote Bags & iPad Cases

No one does some good old color blocking better than the Italian brand Marni.
So as part of its men’s collection for Fall/Winter 2012, they present a great series of color blocked canvas tote bags and iPad cases.

The range include a smaller padded tote and a large tote with exterior pockets. In the end it is really about what you need the bag for and what silhouette you prefer. These are just the right size and have just enough details, without looking pretentious.
Look out for these new Marni accessories in stores soon.

Kanye West Unveils G.O.O.D. Music ‘Cruel Summer’ Release Date & Artwork

It has been a mystery until now, as to when the much anticipated compilation of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music would be released. Today the artist unveiled not only the release date, but also the album artwork via Twitter.
As expected the artwork is very clean. Soon we should also find out who did it, we are not sure that it was again Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, but who knows.

The album will be released September 4th, 2012.